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Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Cape Coral, FL

Cracked and lost teeth interfere with more than just your looks. Eating and biting become more difficult when you have damaged or missing teeth. While dentures can replace teeth, they can't replace individual teeth. When you need a lasting fix for lost teeth, trust Family Dental Care to provide dental implants in Cape Coral, FL.

Benefits of Dental Implants
Dental implants surgically replace injured and missing teeth. Your dentist will insert the titanium implant into your lower and upper jaw, anchoring the implant like any normal tooth. With an implant, you can chew and smile with confidence. Implants provide a natural looking and permanent solution to severe dental problems.
Durable implants can address a variety of teeth injuries and support other dental procedures including
  • Replacing one or more missing teeth next to natural teeth
  • Relieving bite problems and joint pain due to shifting teeth
  • Rebuilding patient smiles
  • Improving speech, chewing, and digestion
  • Enhancing facial tissues
  • Securing dental bridges or dentures

Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure to get dental implants takes several visits but leads to lasting results. Your dentist will use the first few appointments to make impressions of your mouth and take X-rays to ensure correct placement of your implants.

Once your mouth acclimates to the initial implants, you will come in for fittings over a period of one or two months. After a healing process, you will receive your new replacement teeth. You will receive these teeth about eight months after your receive your first surgical implants.

Trust Family Dental Care to give you a smile that lasts with dental implants in Cape Coral, FL. Our trained and compassionate dentists provide precise care that meets your personal needs. Call (239) 574-2700 to schedule a dentist appointment today.